About Christina Rasmussen


Christina Rasmussen, a Danish-American forager who trained in the Culinary Institute of America before moving to Copenhagen where she was the head forager for the World’s Best Restaurant Noma and conscious dining group Ark Collection.
At Noma, foraging was a mandatory part of the job for everyone involved in the restaurant. She discovered this new love and soon enough found herself working on the other side of things, maintaining a different correlation with the chefs—now as the supplier. Foraging is an old practice which now brings flavours and ingredients back into rotation, providing inspiration to the chefs helping to enhance the next exciting new dish. 
This is also where she understood that the life cycle of a restaurant does not start and end in the kitchen. After four years in Noma she moved on to a new role at a plant-based restaurant group in Copenhagen; Ark Collection, which focuses on hyper sustainable and conscious dining. Initially joining in a hybrid position of forager and front of house, to her last role as General Manager. Her interest of natural wine expanded and subsequently creating their wine program.